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Grants to Work & Live Abroad

Grants to work and live abroad

Working and living abroad can be very expensive. Luckily you can get a grant to make things financially easier.

Types of grants to help you financially

Student grants

If you are a student, there are plenty of grants to help you. In Europe, the Erasmus grant is the most popular. Thousands of students receive up to €400 a month from the European Union with no obligation to pay it back. Accommodation expenses, as well as the cost of buying living resources, are covered partly by this grant.

Entrepreneur grants

Entrepreneurs looking to work abroad can benefit from several grant programs. On top of supporting your living costs, these grants can actually go into funding your new business. For students, the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a program that offers grants to students looking to create their own company abroad. There are several other programs, and it is worth researching different countries across the globe – many developing countries are looking to encourage foreign entrepreneurs to come to their countries through grants.

Charity grants

These type of grants tend to be for those going to work abroad as volunteers. Some charity’s help to financially support people who are in turn helping out the charity by doing work abroad for their cause.

Grants: top tip

There are many grants available and it is worth researching thoroughly before going abroad…or it could be a very expensive year!

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