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Attitude in the Workplace

Attitude in the workplace

Your attitude in the workplace is very important. It’s easy to get wrong. You must come across as a proficient, happy, approachable, intelligent, competent, confident, and proactive person all at once. Below are 5 tips to be a great employee in your new company.

5 Steps to Be a Good Employee

1: Be Social & Friendly in the Workplace

You’re probably thinking that being social in the workplace is stupid advice and that working hard is the priority. Wrong. Being social gives a positive vibe to those around you and will help you get the most out of your job abroad. Asking how your colleagues are, and whether they have any plans for that evening/weekend, goes a long way to giving off the impression that you’re a proactive, proficient worker.

If you’re not the social type then at least make sure to say hello in the morning and goodbye when you leave – you will be viewed as incompetent and boring if you sneak away without saying a word.

2: Go Beyond What is Expected of You at Work

When asked to carry out a task or project at work, try to go beyond what you are expected to do. If you are innovative and creative you can come up with lots of ways to surpass expectations in the workplace. You will impress your work colleagues and open doors to more interesting challenges at work.

3: Don’t Be The Bottom Rung in Your New Workplace

Many new employees working abroad tend to think that they are on the bottom rung of the ladder, and therefore think they do not hold any kind of presence in the office. What’s more, a lot of people are content with being the lowly foreigners that are given the easiest tasks. But, believe me, if you continue to do the bare minimum, you will start to lose your mind and become unhappy.

What you must realise is that you are in the unique position of speaking another language to everyone else and, more often than not, being a younger employee with fresh ideas and a different view on the world.

Do not see yourself as a bottom rung hindrance around the office, but instead as a breath of fresh air who can add a completely new dynamic to the company!

4: Take an Inquisitive Attitude in the Workplace

It is easy to remain in the background of the company and not get involved with the discussions going on in the office. Do not be afraid to ask what is going on. If you have an opinion on a debate going on, then get involved. If there is a conference coming up that looks interesting, ask to go; always say, “it’s no problem if not but I’d be interested to go”.

Even if the company says no, they will see that you are interested in the work they are doing and this will again open doors to new opportunities in your job.

5: Have a Work Hard, Play Hard Attitude

Work can and should be fun. However, you should not get too consumed by it. A balance between social activities and office activities is essential. A work hard, play hard mentality is rewarding and helps you make the most out of your time abroad.

If you work hard all week, then go out and really enjoy yourself on the weekend, you’ll come back on Monday ready to start fresh at work. But if you’re still checking your work email on Friday night, or discussing a recent project at drinks on Saturday afternoon, then you’ll return to work on Monday feeling as if you are drowning amidst a sea of work-related matters.

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