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Advice to Apply for Work Abroad

Advice to apply for work abroad

There is no single right way to apply for work abroad. It is a scary process that everyone finds difficult at one time or another. To make the whole process easier, have a read of our advice below to see the weapons you will need to successfully defeat the work abroad application process!

Tips for Applying to Work Abroad

Which Industry Will You Apply To Abroad?

When thinking about the industry you should apply to for work abroad, do not think about the one that will help you be the most successful professional, focus on the job sector you will enjoy the most. You must be interested in the job sector to which you apply or else your work abroad will be tough. You are going to be in a new culture and most likely very far away from the comforts of home. If you hate the job and decide you want to quit after day 1, then this is far from ideal considering you are in another country!

If you enjoy the job, then whatever culture you are in and whichever language is being spoken, you can still feel happy knowing that you like the type of work you are doing.

Research Your Potential Work Abroad Employer

You must know everything about the job and the company to which you have applied. By doing this, you will have a better idea of what the company does on a daily basis, and therefore an idea of what you might be doing at the company. Moreover, researching a company lets you know if you like it – if not, terminate the application process before it’s too late.

Having an in-depth knowledge of your potential organisation is also useful when it comes to writing a cover letter for them. Lastly, research is important for the latter stages of the job application process when you will be tested on your knowledge of a company during the job interview.

Write a Great CV & Cover Letter

For the application process to work abroad, you must make sure your Cover Letter and CV are as good as they can be. Researching the job position and organisation are essential steps to doing this. If you are able to come across as a proficient, intelligent candidate through your cover letter and CV then the job abroad will almost be yours!

Use Contacts for Work Abroad Application

Using connections can help you get your foot in the door and secure employment with a company overseas. Ask your family members if they know anybody abroad who might be willing to help you out. Also, check the links your University has with companies students’ have previously worked with. Finally, think about friends who might have contacts abroad or might be working abroad themselves and can help you out.

Interview for a Year Abroad Application

The interview for work abroad is the final stage in the application process. Therefore you should take it very seriously. Have a read of our Job Interview advice section to find out how to successfully overcome it.

A Personal View of the Application Process for Work Abroad

Have a read of a student’s personal application process experience in our Personal Experiences section.

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