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Documentation to Work Abroad

Documentation to work abroad

Different countries require specific documentation in order to work there. You should not arrive in a country and assume you have the right to work. Read our tips below to ensure documentation is taken care of before you arrive abroad to your new job.

General tips for documentation abroad

Research country-specific documents

Each country has different requirements for foreign employees. You must fully understand the requirements of the country that you are going to work in. If you take the relaxed approach that every country is the same when it comes to work, then you may well be turned round and sent back on a plane home upon arrival in your new country!

Research what documents you need depending on your job abroad

Each job title has different requirements as far as documentation goes. If you are working with children, for example, then there are different safety documents that you must submit compared to other job positions. Research specific requirements based on the job area in which you will work.

Proof of eligibility to work abroad

You must be able to prove that you are legally eligible to work. You can usually do this with a passport and a birth certificate. Your eligibility to work abroad is essential because you can get in trouble with the law if it emerges that you are not legally permitted to work after arriving abroad.

Entrepreneur documentation abroad

If you are going to work abroad as an entrepreneur and try to start your own company, you should be aware that there is specific documentation required to do this. In America, for example, a specific entrepreneurs visa is necessary. Research this if you are going to start a new business abroad as an entrepreneur.

Meticulous completion of documents to work abroad

Although this is boring, you have to be meticulous throughout the completion of the documents necessary to work abroad. If you miss out a signature or leave a box blank then the chances are the whole process to obtain the rights to work abroad will be delayed.

Insurance abroad

Many people, particularly students, can overlook the importance of insurance. When you are abroad, you must remember that you will be a minority and often stand out as a target for robberies or acts of violence. This is not to say that you should worry about these things, but that preventing against them is a sensible thing to do. Furthermore, when you are in a new city and country, it can be easier to lose things in unfamiliar surroundings. Therefore, sorting out your travel/contents/health insurance long before you arrive to work abroad is a sensible thing to do.

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