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Welcome to Joblers. Here, you can find a vast array of advice about finding a job. Our tips will help you to successfully overcome the job application process and secure employment.

Consult the sections below to learn about the various steps in a job application and to find work in different sectors.

The 3 steps of the job application process

In order to find a job it is necessary to successfully overcome the 3 steps of the job application process;  the CV, the cover letter and the job interview.

Read our tips below to help you with each stage of the process.


The CV contains essential personal information, academic history, work experience and other skills. It is of essential to being successful in your search for work. 

The CV

Cover Letter

The cover letter accompanies the CV. Use it to introduce yourself to potential employers and to show that you are fully informed of what the job role entails.

The Cover Letter

Job Interview

The job interview is the final hurdle to securing employment. Read the advice in this section to be fully prepared before stepping into an interview room.

Job Interview

Looking for a job

Job Search

Read this section to learn about the job search online, where to find work, how to search for a job and other essential advice.

Job search

Working Abroad

To work abroad you have to undertake the job application process in a foreign environment and take into account immigration procedures to live and work legally in the destination country.

Working Abroad

Looking for work in a specific country?

Work in France

Read the information in this section to learn about writing a French CV, undertaking an interview in France, the French immigration requirements and much more.

Working in France

Work in France

advice for other countries

Work in Canada

In this section you will learn all you need to know about working in Canada, including advice on the Canadian resume and job interview.

Work in Canada

Work in Canada

Alternative career paths


In this section you will find tips & tricks about how to start your own business with a range of content on entrepreneurship.



Volunteering is unpaid work with a social aim. Here you will find information about how and why to volunteer.


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