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Finding a Job Abroad

Finding a job abroad

Finding overseas jobs and starting a new career on foreign soil is difficult. You are bound to be more familiar with your home country and have a better understanding of how to find a job there.

In another country you may not have a firm grasp of the language spoken there, you will not have many contacts to explain how the job recruitment process works, and you will not know how to present yourselves to companies in the best way possible because the employment cultures differ in many countries.

How to find work abroad

Research a chosen destination

Spend a lot of time to research your chosen destination. It may be that the location is chosen for you due to a job position becoming available in a particular country. However, if you are unsure about where to go for work abroad, have a think about what kind of job sector you wish to enter into and how successful this job sector is in different countries.

Also, compare the cultures of different countries and whether they would suit you personally. Other things to think about include living conditions, working conditions, the economy, political situation, the history and social factors within each country you research.

Geographical availability

Think about how far away you are prepared to travel from your home country to work abroad. You may hear about a fantastic city to work in. If you then secure employment there and fail to realise that it is a 10-hour, expensive flight away from your home city, then you could jeopardise the whole work abroad application process.

Set your geographical boundaries. Once you have done this, then you can continue the job search abroad within limits and it will be easier to secure employment.

Moreover, remember that you may be asked to travel to your chosen destination to undertake a job interview. If you have not physically and psychologically prepared to travel abroad to ensure you get the job, then it may be necessary to rethink your decision to find work abroad.

Consult the best work abroad job sites

If you are looking for work abroad have a look at our list of the best job sites to do so.

Tailor your CV & cover letter

Utilise the advice on the CV and Cover Letter sections of Joblers. However, when looking to find a job abroad, you must tailor your personal documentation in a particular way to help make the most of coming from another country to work abroad.

Firstly, you must emphasise your foreign, native language skills. Companies are interested to hear about numerous language skills. Then carry out an in-depth investigation into the business abroad to which you wish to apply. Adapt your CV and Cover Letter accordingly. Be aware that simple things such as the opening and closing sections of your cover letter may be different.

Prepare fully for the job interview abroad

Job interviews abroad can be very difficult and unfamiliar. They may have a completely different structure to job interviews you have done in your home country before. Therefore, you must be fully prepared when you arrive for interview so you can successfully overcome the foreign job application process.

Have a read of our advice about how to be successful at the job interview in another language to find out more.

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