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In this section you will find tips & tricks about how to start your own business abroad. You can read a range of articles below, which cover every aspect of entrepreneurship. You can also download the Business Model Canvas, essential for anyone thinking about creating a company, as well as learn about the Erasmus programme for budding entrepreneurs!

5 Steps to Starting a Business5 Steps to Starting a Business

To be a successful entrepreneur and create a legitimate business, there are several things you must take into account in order to rise above the competition. Here are 5 simple steps that are essential for anyone trying to start a business.

5 steps to starting a business

Recruiting and Networking for a new businessRecruiting & Networking for a New Business

If you are starting a business then you must have a good team alongside you, as well as a wealth of useful connections. Read our advice about how to best recruit and network for your new company.

Recruiting & networking for a new business

Starting a technology companyStarting a Technology Company

In this section we analyse the importance of starting a technology business today, and advice about how to do so. We look into why this market is important, what type of technology companies one can create, and tips about how to disrupt an established business model.

Starting a technology company

How to be an entrepreneurHow to Be an Entrepreneur

Here you can read tips about how to be an entrepreneur. The section discusses the skill set you need to be an entrepreneur and give a guide about how to start your own business from scratch. You can also download a copy of the Business Model Canvas on this page to help you with the entrepreneurial process of starting a new business.

How to be an entrepreneur

How to Fund Your New BusinessHow to Fund Your New Business

A detailed look into the various ways you can raise funds for your new business. We analyse the advantages and disadvantages of loans, grants, crowd funding, investment, and bootstrap; all legitimate ways to fund a new business.

How to fund your new business

How to start a businessHow to Start a Business

Thinking about starting a business? Read our information here to learn the 5 key tips to bare in mind when trying to build a new company.

How to start a business