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Job Interview

Job interview

When you are trying to find a job, nine times out of ten you will have to forego the interview process. A job interview is the essential step between applying for a job and actually getting the job.

In order to be successful in a job interview you must take into account many factors including the CV, typical job interview questions, preparing for a job interview, interview dress-code and how a Skype interview works. Moreover, if you are trying to find work abroad, advice about interviewing in another language is also very useful.

Preparation for a Job InterviewHow to Prepare for a Job Interview

Preparing for a Job Interview is very important. If you prepare well, you will be calm, confident, and awake the day of your job interview. Read the interview tips on this page to find out the best ways to prepare between the time you are called back for a job interview and the time you undertake the actual interview process.

How to prepare for a Job Interview

Typical Job Interview QuestionsJob Interview Questions

You need to prepare for the types of interview questions that the interviewer will ask you. If you research this thoroughly then the interview will be far less difficult and you will be much more likely to secure a job.

Not only can you learn about the five key job interview question areas, but also about Job Interview Weaknesses; both very important for success at interview.

Job Interview Questions

Typical Job Interview QuestionsTypical Job Interview Questions

list of typical job interview questions that you will encounter in interview. The interview questions are split into useful sections so that you can easily navigate through them and find the most useful to help you secure that all important job position after being successful at the job interview.

Typical Job Interview Questions

Tips for the Job InterviewTips for the Job Interview

Essential tips to take into account whilst in a job interview, including body language, hair style, makeup, and much more. If you take this advice into account then you will come across as a much more proficient and professional candidate.

Tips for the Job Interview

CV for the Job InterviewCV for a Job Interview

Having an in-depth knowledge of your CV or Resume is crucial when it comes to interview. You must know your CV/Resume inside out in order to draw on any of your experiences that you will be quizzed on during a job interview. Be familiar with every detail and back these details up with real-world examples.

If you want to learn more information about writing a CV/Resume then check out the CV section of Joblers Work Abroad!

CV for a Job Interview

What to WearWhat to Wear for a Job Interview

When you are going to a job interview, you must be dressed appropriately. Many people make the simple mistake of wearing clothes that are too relaxed, giving the impression that they are not taking the job seriously.

If you do not wear suitable clothing, you may have already lost the job before you have opened your mouth. Read here about the right clothes to wear for a job interview.

What to wear for a Job Interview

Job Interview through SkypeJob Interview via Skype

Another way to prepare for your job interview abroad, and ultimately get the job to which you’re applying, is to understand how a Skype interview works.

One of the advantages of developing technology is that you can do an interview from different countries through the free instant messaging, face-to-face video app Skype. However, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the programme before diving into an actual Skype interview.

Job Interview via Skype

Interviewing in another languageJob Interview in Another Language

Interviewing for a job in another country often comes with the challenge of a language barrier. There are many common mistakes including speaking at the wrong speed, not being able to understand the interview question, and having the interviewer think you are more/less proficient than you actually are. Read the advice about how to overcome all of these problems in our section about the job interview in a foreign language.

Job Interview in another language

Types of Job InterviewsTypes of Job Interviews

When preparing for a job interview, you must be aware that there are various types of interview. Do not make the mistake of thinking that all job interviews are the same. There are many different styles, according to the number of participants in the interview room or the technique used by the interviewer to find out the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.

Types of job interviews