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The US green card lottery

The US green card lottery 19 December, 2013Leave a comment

Every year the “diversity visa program“, commonly known as the Green Card Lottery, takes place in the United States. The US government distributes 50,000 permanent resident cards or green cards to non-US citizens who want to work and live in the country permanently.

Getting a green card is essential if you wish to work in the United States legally. The document gives you the right to live and remain in the USA without any restrictions or time limit. The green card does not equate the rights of a US citizen; it does not give you the right to vote for example. However, it is one of the most desirable documents for foreigners trying to work in America.

What is the green card?

The green card is a document that permits permanent residency in the United States for people who are not american citizens.

The green card gives you the right to live and work legally in the USA without needing to go through the process of acquiring any type of visa or having a limit to your stay in America.

The name of the cardholder and their photograph can be found on the green card, as well as personal information. With a green card, you can also apply for US citizenship after living there for 5 years if you comply with various requirements.

However, there are also some restrictions associated with the green card. For example, green card owners are obliged to bring it with them at all times and show it to any relevant authority upon request. You can also lost your right to it if you don’t comply with a series of conditions, especially related with the time of your stay in the US.

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