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UK graduate job prospects

UK graduate job prospects 20 November, 2013Leave a comment

Are you a graduate carrying out a job search in the UK? With a rise in recent University graduates, finding a job is more difficult than ever before. So what exactly are today’s UK graduate job prospects?

20 years ago, only 17% of the UK population were graduates. Today, in 2013, that figure has more than doubled. There are far more UK graduates now than ever before. As a result, people are keen to find out how their degree will help them secure employment and whether it is even necessary to go through the University process before getting their first job.

This year, 31 million people in Britain were not enrolled onto an official University course. Of these people, 38% were graduates, 42% had GCSE and A-levels as their highest qualification, 10% had ‘other’ qualifications not recognised in the UK, and 10% had no qualifications.

The high percentage of graduates means that more and more graduates are employed for jobs where a degree is not necessary.

To confront this problem, it is necessary to take the job application process very seriously and spend a lot of time preparing your CV, cover letter, and the job interview. Read our advice in the various designated sections of the Joblers website to make sure you don’t become one of the graduates in a job where your degree is not necessary.

If you are a graduate concerned about or unable to find work, then read our general section on the Job Search for advice about how to land yourself a good job.

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