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Carrying out the job search is a difficult endeavour. However, since the arrival of the internet, a decent job offer is only a few clicks away if you know where to look. Read our advice below about the best places to find jobs offers in the UK.

Looking for a job in the UK

UK job search online

The job search online is the most prolific way to find work. Not so long ago, job offers were advertised only in newspapers, magazines and shop windows. However, the emergence of the internet has allowed employers and recruitment agencies to offer thousands of vacant job positions online in one place for a diverse range of occupations and locations.

The majority of UK citizens have access to the internet and are familiar with searching for jobs online. But the UK job search can be difficult if you are not looking in the right places.

Finding a UK job offer

There are three principal areas in which you may find a UK job offer: a recruitment agency, a job advertisement website, and social media.

Since the growth of the internet, there is little distinction between a recruitment agency and a job advertisement website. Officially, the difference is that recruitment agencies have a greater responsibility in helping an employer recruit new staff and reviewing a candidate’s job application themselves. Whilst job advertisement sites simply post different job offers and provide a link to the company website, where you can apply for the job. However, many of the larger job advertisement websites are also recruitment providers, helping review candidate applications for employers.

Top 5 UK job sites:

  • Jobsite – simple job search engine with hassle-free CV upload tool so recruiters can find you.
  • Monster – popular site with simple search and application tools.
  • The Guardian – the best job site of the national newspapers.
  • Universal Jobmatch – also known as Directgov, the offical government job centre website.
  • Reed – UK’s #1 job site with lots of offers.

Social Media

Social media can also be very useful in finding job offers. Especially in Britain where the big three social networks – Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn – are so widely used. You can make the most of Twitter and Facebook by using them like search engines and typing in exactly what you are looking for. A search on Twitter, for example, entitled ‘UK jobs’ comes up with hundreds of current tweets about job offers all over Britain. LinkedIn goes further and actually suggests job offers depending on your particular interests and location specified on your profile. Also, you can use all three social media sites to connect with potential employers and network with useful contacts, which will in turn land you a good job offer.

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