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Finding a job in the UK and having a successful professional career after securing employment is a difficult task. Therefore, you should read our advice about how to acquire and thrive at a job in the UK.

How to lead a successful career in the UK

A thorough job search

Start by carrying out a fully-researched UK job hunt, taking into account the best UK job sites, the top tips for the job search, and how to find a job.

Prepare your CV, cover letter, and job interview

Next, make sure you have the three fundamental pillars of the job application process well prepared: the CV, the cover letter, and the job interview.

It is important to understand that the UK job market is slightly different from other countries. Although the rules that are detailed in the three previous general sections do apply, you must tailor your application to the UK; specifically, by creating a UK CV, a cover letter for the UK and preparing for a UK job interview.

Adapt your job application to the UK requirements

Finally, make sure you tailor your job application to the UK market. Investigate what UK businesses are looking for and adapt your application to those requirements.

Employers in the UK tend to look mainly at your work experience and educational history. Therefore, drawing as much attention as possible to specific academic highlights in your life and particularly successful periods of work experience will help you stand out above other candidates.

Be a good employee

Once you have secured a job in the UK, you cannot just relax and think the hard part is over. You must shine in your new workplace to prove that your employers were right to hire you.

Read our guide of the 5 steps to being a good employee in a new workplace. From this, you can read about what attitude will help you be most successful in your new job.

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