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The Cover Letter in the UK

The Cover Letter in the UK 19 November, 2013Leave a comment

The cover letter is the best way to present yourself to a company in addition to the CV. The former differs, however, in that you can bring a more personal touch to your job application with the cover letter. The cover letter is really an opportunity to give a personal introduction to the essential information contained on the curriculum vitae.

The cover letter usually includes more details about the specific skills you have, your work experience, your motivation to gain employment, and the reasons why you are the ideal candidate for the job.

Knowing how to write a good Cover Letter and how it should be structured are vital in order to make a good impression on the human resources department that will carry out the employment selection process in most companies. The better your cover letter and the more you have tailored it to the specific organisation and job position, the better your chances are for being called back to a job interview.

If you would like to learn more general advice about the cover letter then visit our dedicated section.

British employers have specific standards when it comes to the cover letter. Although the same rules that are detailed in our general cover letter section apply, you must adapt certain elements of a cover letter when applying to a job in the UK.

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