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Spanish CV Advice 24 September, 20131 Comment

Writing a CV

Unemployment in Spain is at a record high and it’s difficult to find work. Therefore, when sending a CV to a Spanish company, you need to keep things concise, clear, and simple because, in all likelihood, this company is receiving multiple CV’s a day.


Keeping your CV short is crucial. No more than one page is the general rule. Employers don’t want to scroll down too far to find important information. Chances are any information listed on the second or third pages of your CV’s will not be read.


An employer wants to glance at a CV and see the key information. You should use a standard font like Cambria or Times New Roman, and use a larger font for the essential parts such as your name or your current job. Moreover, don’t use a complex, fancy layout.


People have a tendency to ramble on in their CV’s to make it look like they’re more intelligent. This won’t work in Spain. Write simple sentences that show exactly what skills and past experience you have. By all means be creative with the experience you’ve gained; fancy names like Food Service Assistant sound much better than Waiter. But when it comes to writing your CV’s content, keep it simple!


A common mistake people make is to write their Curriculum Vitae in English and directly translate it to Spanish using Google Translate or something similar. Do not do this. If you put ‘Nave del Interno’ when trying to say internship, you won’t get the job – trust me. Translate it as best you can using the Spanish you have learnt previously, and if you need help then get a Spanish-speaking work colleague or friend to look it over for you.

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