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The Job Interview in Spain

The Job Interview in Spain 24 September, 20131 Comment

Job interviews are the best way of knowing if a candidate is suitable or not for a job position. Once you have passed the first stage of the job application process, by sending the prospective employer your CV and cover letter, it is down to you to be successful or not in the interview stage.

Consejo de Entrevista

The current rate of unemployment in Spain means that there are many candidates vying for the same job position. Therefore, the best thing to do is fully prepare for the Spanish job interview.

The selection processes in Spain vary depending on the job position, the sector and the characteristics of the candidate. The job interview in Spain could be carried out by the manager of a small company or a Human Resources professional (in medium and large businesses), or your potential boss. There is no set rule.

In the job interview in Spain section of Joblers you will find all the information that you need to prepare fully for this important step in the search for work.