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Jobs in Australia

There is a lot of talk about the strength of the Australian job market and economy. On this page we’re going to help you put words into action by suggesting the best places to find jobs in Australia.

Where to find jobs in Australia

Traditional job search methods

When you are starting a job search you should not immediately assume that the internet is your only resource. Utilizing other job search methods can often be a more successful way of finding work in Australia.

There are two key alternative job search techniques.

Firstly, take advantage of contacts. These could be family friends, relatives or former employers. It may not be the most honest way to gain employment, but finding work through a contact is certainly a tried and tested method of finding a job.

Secondly, consult newspapers, magazines and job post notice boards. Before the internet came along, newspapers and job offer notice boards were the best way to find work. Although the internet has now taken over, you can still find respectable job opportunities with these resources.

Job sites in Australia

The most effective way of finding a job is through one of several Australian job sites.

The top 5 Australian job sites are:

  • Australian Job Search: funded by the Australian Government as a free service to help job seekers find work in Australia.
  • Seek: the most popular job site in Australia.
  • Gumtree: the Australian arm of the internationally popular classified advertisement website.
  • Careerone: a simple interface with easy steps of find a job opportunity, upload your resume and see if you are successful.
  • MyCareer: another popular Australian job site.

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