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10 Reasons To Live in Australia

10 Reasons To Live in Australia 5 February, 2014Leave a comment

10 Reasons Why You Should Live Down Under

Australia is a great place to visit on holiday. But have you ever thought about moving there permanently?

Here’s a list of the 10 reasons why you should live ‘Down Under’.

1. Economic Stability

The average weekly total earnings of workers living in Australia is A$1080.30.


2. Live Longer

An Aussie’s average life expectancy at birth is 82 years. In the UK, it’s only 79!


3. Better Wildlife

From kangaroos to koala bears.


4. Aussie Rules Football

The best bits of football and rugby on a bigger field.


5. The Beaches

Because sunbathing and surfing should be part of everyone’s daily routine.


6. The Food

From Vegemite to shrimp on the barby!


7. The Climate

Sun from dawn till dusk.


8. Better Chance of Employment

Australia’s unemployment rate is 5.8% while the UK’s is 7.5%.

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9. The Great Barrier Reef

From sharks to turtles, the largest reef in the world has it all.


10. Australia Produces Some Serious Talent.

Just a selection of the talent that’s come from Australia.

10 Reasons to Move to Australia