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Looking for a job

Looking for a job

By consulting our advice for the job search or our page on how to find a job, you will discover that where you look for a job is of crucial importance to a successful job search. The development of new technology and the growth of the internet has brought with it an endless number of avenues through which one can find work. Here you have a list of the best channels in which you should look for a job.

Where to look for a job

Public State Employment Service

Almost all countries have a state employment service, in which potential employees register, create a profile and the employment state service calls a candidate when a suitable job position opens.

Temporary Employment Agencies

Temporary employment agencies are companies that specialise in searching for candidates with different profiles to cover certain job positions. Little qualifications or work experience is required given that the jobs are temporary.

One of the main advantages for the candidates that apply to temporary employment agencies is that they a wide variety of contacts in different job sectors.


Headhunters are businesses dedicated to the personal selection of candidates with specific profiles, especially experienced professionals. Many business contract headhunting services to search for top quality employees, with specific knowledge and skills within a particular market.

It is recommended that you send your CV to a headhunters organisation if you are searching for a job within the sectors of finance, economy, or technology.

Newspaper adverts and other media outlets

One of the traditional ways of searching for a job is through newspaper adverts, magazines, and radio or television programmes.

Until recently, the newspaper was the most popular way of finding work because the majority of job offers could be found there. Currently it is not used very much, but these type of media outlets do offer work for people with little to no experience and with a fixed duration.

Networks of contacts

Many job offers come through contacts, whether it’s a personal acquaintance or a professional contact. Learn how to network well on our designated page.

Job sites

The job search online has become the most lucrative way to find work in recent years. The two principal ways of carrying this process out is through an employment agency or a social network.

Employment agencies

Employment websites or agencies have become very important in recent years. These specialised employment companies serve as the intermediary between people that are looking for work and organisations that are looking for workers or that want an open job selection process.

There are a vast number of employment agencies. Depending on your profile, your geographic availability or the type of company with which you want to work, you should choose the employment agencies accordingly. Consult our section of advice for finding a job in specific countries to find out the best places to look for a job in a particular country.

Social networks

Just a few years ago it seemed impossible to find work through Facebook; much less through Twitter that hadn’t even been created yet. But today there are many, many people that use social networks to find job offers.

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