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Job search online

The search for employment using the internet is one of the best ways to find work. In fact, there are an increasing number of unemployed people scouring the web in search of new job opportunities. The majority of companies manage their job offers through the internet.

The internet is a tried and tested tool when it comes to searching for work. However, it’s possibilities are extremely wide and come with risks too, so knowing how to find work on the internet is a skill that any job seeker must acquire.

Just like with the rest of the avenues through which one can search for employment, the internet has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, although one can get in contact with more companies, on many occasions the method of sending the CV and the Cover Letter is fixed, forcing the candidate to send them in one format.

Finally, before throwing yourself into the search for work using the internet, you should check your online profile; be particularly aware of your presence on social networks because many companies do check your Facebook and Twitter profiles. Many companies carry out an online check of their candidates, so being sensible and looking after your online image when searching for a job should be one of your priorities.

Where to find work on the internet

Employment Agencies

Online employment agencies are places dedicated to the search for work that can offer jobs in specific sectors or general job offers in a diverse range of companies. One should also be aware of the difference between agencies that post international job offers and those that focus on the labour market in just one country.

Most employment search websites are straight forward to use. On one hand they are for job seekers and on the other they are for companies and professionals looking for workers. The majority are free, although sometimes one must pay to access certain services in the premium area.

In most cases it is necessary to register in order to access job offers and create a user profile on which you add a photograph, your curriculum vitae and all the information that you consider necessary for an effective job search.

Once registered and with your curriculum vitae uploaded to your profile, using a search engine you can apply to different job offers. You can also send a cover letter to the advertising organisations.

Social Networks

The search for work on social networks requires a very active role on the part of those looking for work. It is increasingly common that some job offers are only posted on certain professional social networks. Therefore, not having a presence on them considerably reduces your chances of employment.

Looking for work on social networks has its advantages. For example, connecting personally with other professionals and possible employers. It does, however, requires a lot of time, effort and dedication on the part of the candidate.

Searching for work on social networks is largely based on socialising and networking, so don’t forget to look after your contacts.

The principle social networking sites for finding a job are:

  • LinkedIn: it is the most important professional networking site, with over 225 million users worldwide. It has a section dedicated to personalised job offers depending on the information on your profile, as well as lots of connection and networking opportunities.
  • Xing: a professional social network that allows for online networking between its users. Xing’s main advantage is that it permits the connection with professionals in any sector. The website also has a job offer section.
  • Viadeo: Similar to LinkedIn in size, this european social network permits the search for job opportunities and its users. The site improves the visibility and online reputation of its users.
  • Twitter: lets you follow various recruitment agencies. You can also come across as a proficient, commercially aware candidate through your Twitter profile and your tweets. Finally, many companies post jobs offers in the form of tweets.
  • Facebook: The social network with the greatest number of users in the world, allows users to connect directly with businesses o search for job offers.

Company websites

The internet has also made it possible for companies to open up, make themselves known, and attract potential talent and future employees. Companies advertise job offers in a section of their websites usually entitled “work with us”, “job opportunities”, “do you want to work in…?”, or “professional careers in…”. Through this, you can access job offers from a particular company that is of interest to you.

It is possible that when you check the company website, they are not looking for new employees. In this case, you could send the company a speculative application to better your chances of securing a job when they do begin a selection process. Sending a speculative job application also shows a company that you are very eager to join their company.

Additional information

On Joblers specific countries section you will find a list of the best online recruiting services and employment sites to search for work. There is also more information about the online job search on our section about where to find work.

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