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What to Wear for a Job Interview

What to wear for a job interview

What you wear for a job interview varies depending on the potential employer you’re interviewing for. Different companies expect different job interview dress-codes. Therefore it can be confusing to know what to wear for an interview. However, Jobler’s has some great tips to help you overcome your fears, dress perfectly for the interview, and hopefully help you get that all important job position.

The Job Interview Dress Code

Dress Smartly

In a job interview, the number one rule is that it is always better to be too smart than too casual. No matter what job sector you are applying to, candidates who dress smartly will be taken more seriously and the interviewer will know that they are keen for the job. How smart you go does depend on the job title but generally you should always wear a shirt and long, dark trousers.

Can I overdress?

I have known people to think that they are overdressed for a job interview, feel silly, and change into something more relaxed. These people are usually unsuccessful in an interview. The overdressed mind-set is most common amongst students who have just left University and are applying to their first proper job. Students are used to wearing nothing more than tracksuit bottoms and a beanie hat to lectures and therefore feel foolish in a clean, black suit & tie.

There is no such thing as overdressing for a job interview. Try to act mature and realise the severity of getting work in the increasingly competitive job market.

Different Job Sectors

How smart you dress does depend somewhat on the job sector. If you are applying for any kind of financial position then wear a suit, with brightly polished shoes. The same goes for any well-paid job or any job of significant responsibility. In fact, most job interviews require this very smart dress code.

Job interviews in which you are not required to dress very smartly are actually some of the more relaxed job roles that have emerged in recent years as a result of the technology boom. Google, for example, is famous for its relaxed offices in which staff have rooftop allotments to tend to and can lie on patterned sofas to work.

In general, however, it is always worth dressing overly smart for any job interview you have in life.

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