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Tips for the Job Interview

Tips for the job interview

Body Language

When answering the job interview questions you must remember that your body language is very important. If you are slouched back in your chair with your hands in your pockets, no matter how good your interview answers are, you will not get the job. You must sit up straight, use hand gestures to accentuate any important points you make, and directly face the interviewer.

Hair Style for a Job Interview

Your hairstyle must be smart. There is no point in going to an interview with a crazy hairstyle. If you want to show your alternative side, or feel that you should not have to change your appearance just for a silly job interview, then perhaps this job sector is not for you. It is worth the trouble to put a bit more effort into your appearance than usual to look smart. You might feel stupid. But you are not socialising with friends, you are going to a serious job interview. So take it seriously. 

Makeup for a Job Interview

Do not wear too much Makeup. If any at all. Interviewers will not appreciate candidates who appear as if they are ready to go on a night out. Wear dark, subtle shades of Makeup so that you can stand out, look pretty, but not attract any disapproval from the interviewer.

Come Up with Your own Question

You should come up with a question to ask the interviewer at the end of your interview. Your question to the interviewer can be completely pre-prepared and shows that you are keen to learn more about the company.

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