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Job Interview in Germany

Job Interview in Germany 18 December, 2013Leave a comment

The job interview is an essential step between applying for a job and actually securing employment. In order to be successful in a job interview you must prepare fully, research the company and job role, practice typical job interview questions beforehand, arrive on time and treat the job interview as a conversation.

5 key tips job Interview

To get a job in Germany, just as in any other country in the world, the last hurdle to securing employment is the job interview. The rules for successfully overcoming this challenge are similar to those outlined in the general job interview section of Joblers. However, there are a few key differences that you must be aware of if preparing for a job interview in Germany.

The prcedure of the Job Interview

The job interview usually follws a certain procedure. You will be asked how you came and if you found everything easily. Answer shortly and profesionally and avoid mentioning any stress you possibly found youeself in. Then you will get introduced to you interviewer. Mostly you are facing a Human Recources profesional. After questions about your qualifications and you career, the questions will become more personal. After answering the personal questions you might be asked to deliver a working probation or a to work a case study. For example you might have to hold a selling presentation based on given data. Finally you are given the possibility to ask questions yourself and sometimes the company office is shown to you. The interview usually ends with the vague frase : “We will get in touch”.

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