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Immigration Australia 31 January, 2014Leave a comment

On this page you will find essential information about migrating to Australia. Read about the different types of visas to enter Australia and you’ll be living and working “Down Under” in no time!

Migrate to Australia

Australia has one of the strongest job markets in the world. It is a nation with a diverse range of job sectors, many job opportunities and high wages. On top of all this, Australia is culturally rich. As a result, it is a very popular country for migrants looking for work abroad.

However, it is not as easy as packing your suitcase, flying to Australia and beginning your new life there.

To work, you must have a valid Australian visa. A range of temporary and permanent visas are available.

Types of Visa for Australia

Migrants who wish to reside and work legally in Australia must apply for a visa within one of five categories:

Skilled Worker Visa

There are a number of visa options available for workers who want to migrate permanently to Australia and who have the required skills and qualifications. The specific type of visa depends on your occupation, civil state and other factors. However, generally speaking, provided you are a skilled worker and have been offered a job by an Australian company, then you should be able to successfully solicit an Australian workers visa.

To obtain an Australian workers visa, you must forego the SkillSelect program: an online service that enables skilled workers interested in migrating to Australia to record their details to be considered for a visa through an Expression of Interest (EOI). Migrants who do this can then be found and nominated for skilled visas by Australian employers or by state governments.

All intending migrants are required to submit an EOI and receive an invitation from an Australian company in order to lodge a visa application.

Business Visa

People can apply for this type visa if they wish to conduct short business visits, establish or manage a new or existing business or invest in Australia.

Family Members Visa

Partners, children, parents and other family members of Australian citizens are eligible to work in Australia legally with this visa.

Returning Australian Residents Visa

Former Australian permanent residents or former Australian citizens are eligible to work in Australia legally with this visa.

Refugee or Humanitarian Entrants

People who are escaping persecution or unfair punishment in their home countries and seeking protection in Australia are eligible to do so with this type of visa.

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