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Advice for writing a Spanish cover letter

Advice for writing a Spanish cover letter 31 January, 2014Leave a comment

The cover letter is the document that accompanies the CV when it comes to the job search. In Spain, the key difference between being called back for a job interview or not can be the way in which your cover letter is written and structured.

Whether you are writing a speculative cover letter or are responding to a specific job offer, you must always adapt your cover letter to the specific company and job position. As a result you can highlight why you are the perfect candidate to work with the prospective employer.

The following tips will help you write your cover letter for Spain:

  • Investigate the company as much as possible. You must be aware of what has motivated you to apply for the job role, apart from the fact it is a ‘well-known company’. Employers want to know why their company is of interest to you.
  • Highlight the most important parts of your CV. It is important to emphasise two or three key points from your CV that relate to the job role. But remember not to repeat the content of your curriculum vitae.
  • Use formal language. In Spain, this means using the ‘Usted’ form, rather than the less formal ‘Tú’ form. As a result your cover letter will be respectful and professional to the prospective employer.
  • Do not make spelling mistakes. In Spain, if you commit any grammatical or spelling mistake on your cover letter then your job application will be disregarded immediately.
  • Use a good structure for the Spanish cover letter. This will make it easier for the reader to absorb the information on the cover letter and for you to organise your ideas.
  • Don’t forget to sign the cover letter with a name and address.
  • Send the cover letter as a PDF document. Through this, the recipient will be able to read it perfectly. If you send it as a Word document or anything different then there is a chance that the format will change and it will appear differently.
  • Never send a handwritten cover letter in Spain.

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