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Green Card Lottery 2014 in the United States

Green Card Lottery 2014 in the United States 18 December, 2013Leave a comment

In October 2014, the annual green card lottery opens in the United States. Applicants will be competing for¬†one of 50,000 green cards. The US Department of State allows this limited number of green cards to be distributed as part of the “Diversity Visa Program”. For those who want to stay on american soil or emigrate to work in the United States, getting a green card is the best way to do so.

Applications to participate in the 2014 green card lottery will open in the month of October. The register will remain open throughout the month, closing at the start of November to coincide with the start of the fiscal year in the United States.

The results of the green card lottery will be published in May 2015. Those selected, provided they pass all the procedures, will be permitted to move to the USA during 2016 (from 2016 the programme will be called Diversity Visa 2016 or DV2016).

How to participate in the green card lottery 2014

One must comply with a series of fixed requirements set by the Department of State in order to enter into the draw for one of 50,000 permanent resident cards or green cards.

In general, everyone has to comply with the following requirements to be eligible for a green card:

For more information, consult the official Department of State website.