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Documents to work in Spain for EU citizens

Documents to work in Spain for EU citizens 28 January, 2014Leave a comment

EU citizens that wish to work in Spain must undergo a series of steps to do so legally and to access the national system of social security. The citizens of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland will also be able to benefit from the EU free circulation agreement.

Obtaining the registration certificate

Unlike the steps that non-EU citizens must undertake, the process for EU professionals is much simpler. To work and reside in Spain more than three months it will be necessary to obtain a registration certificate.

  • Printed official application form (EX-18), filled out and signed by the EU citizen.
  • A valid passport or national identity document.

Depending on the occupation of the foreign worker, the following documents should be presented:

  • If you are a foreign worker coming to work for a business in Spain you must present an employers’ contract, employment certificate or a work contract.
  • If you are a self-employed worker you should submit any of the following documents – registration to social security, registration to the Census of Economic Activities or a mercantile registration.

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