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How to write a Canadian cover letter

How to write a Canadian cover letter 24 January, 2014Leave a comment

There are some specific requirements that you should comply with in order to write a good cover letter for the job market in Canada.

Canadian cover letter tips

  • Research. Learn what you can about the company and job position that you’re applying to. Then adapt your cover letter accordingly to show the employer that you have the right skills for the job with their organisation.
  • Don’t repeat the content of your resume. Use your letter as an opportunity to offer a personal introduction and make a good first impression. Most employers read the cover letter first, so catch their attention by describing your various skills and why you are specifically interested in their company.
  • Directly address the recipient if possible. If you know the identity of the recipient then open your Canadian cover letter with this. If not then write, ‘Dear Sir or Madam’.
  • Include your address, the employer’s address and the date. Remember to include these three important sections at the beginning of your cover letter.
  • Adapt your letter to the job position and company. Make sure the skills and experience you highlight in your cover letter correlate directly to the job that you’re applying for.
  • Clear and concise cover letter. Use a font that’s easy to read, like 12-point Times New Roman or Arial. Don’t go over one A4 page.
  • Use a professional tone. Be sure to use professional and respectful language when writing your cover letter.

And finally…

  • Keep it simple.
  • Keep it short.
  • Read it over.

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