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The best student cities in Australia

The best student cities in Australia 10 February, 2014Leave a comment

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Best Australian Cities for Students

We asked 100 students their views on the best places to visit, study, work or live in Australia. We took into account several factors including living costs, climate, culture, transport and layout. The results can be seen on the table below.

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[av_progress_bar title=’Melbourne: 25%’ progress=’25’ color=’theme-color’ icon_select=’no’ icon=’43’]
[av_progress_bar title=’Sydney: 15%’ progress=’15’ color=’theme-color’ icon_select=’no’ icon=”]
[av_progress_bar title=’Perth: 20%’ progress=’20’ color=’theme-color’ icon_select=’no’ icon=”]
[av_progress_bar title=’Brisbane: 15%’ progress=’15’ color=’theme-color’ icon_select=’no’ icon=”]
[av_progress_bar title=’Adelaide: 20%’ progress=’20’ color=’theme-color’ icon_select=’no’ icon=”]
[av_progress_bar title=’Canberra: 5%’ progress=’5′ color=’theme-color’ icon_select=’no’ icon=”]

Melbourne, the number one place to go in Australia, is ranked the highest due to it’s varied culture, good transport and reasonable living costs. Canberra, the capital of Australia, is least popular; perhaps due to the fact that it was purposefully built as the administrative centre of the nation.

What Do You Think?

Vote for your favourite Australian student city below and send us your opinion on the best place to live, travel, study or work in Australia as a student. We’ll publish your thoughts on our website for others to read and comment on.

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Why is this your favourite student city?

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