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Australian job application

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To get work in Australia, you must create a good job application. The Australian job application consists of three stages: the resume, the cover letter and the job interview. Consult our advice below and find out how best to overcome each step of the application successfully.

The Australian Resume

For an Australian resume, many of the tips described in our general CV section apply. You must include, for example, a section on personal information, academic history and work experience.

However, the resume in Australia differs from other countries in several respects. Firstly, it is called a resume rather than a CV or Curriculum Vitae. Other differences include describing your previous employers, writing a career objective and listing your ‘key strengths‘. Visit the page below to find out more and download a free template.

Australian resume

The Australian Cover Letter

A carefully written cover letter is crucial to making a good first impression on your prospective employer.

The Australian cover letter is similar to cover letters in other countries. You should adapt your skills and experience to the particular job position and company that you’re applying to and keep the cover letter brief (less than one page). Moreover, you should make sure to put the correct date, address, opening (Dear Sir or Madam unless you know the identity of the recipient) and ensure there are absolutely no spelling and grammar mistakes.

A lot of the advice for the Australian cover letter can be found in our general cover letter section. However, visit the page below to find out more specific Australian cover letter information and to download a free cover letter template.

Australian cover letter

The Australian Job Interview

The same tips apply as in our general job interview advice section, but with a few key differences. Australian employers, for example, look for outgoing, confident candidates in the job interview. Read the section below for more Australian job interview tips.

Australian job interview

Our Guide to the Job Application in Australia

Read our fun guide to the Australian job application in this designated area.

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