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The Australian Resume

The Australian Resume 29 January, 2014Leave a comment

The Australian resume contains some key differences to CV’s in other countries that you must be aware of before starting your job search in Australia.

Having said this, there are several similarities to the tips described in our general CV section because the purpose of a CV or resume is generally to show a potential employer your skills and experience. You must include, for example, a section on personal informationacademic history and work experience.

However, it is absolutely worth reading the advice on this page so as to adapt your resume to the expectations of Australian employers and secure employment ‘Down Under’! Moreover, you can download a free Australian resume template on this page.

Advice for the Australian Resume

It is an Australian resume, not a CV

Firstly, you should be aware that it is called a resume rather than a CV or Curriculum Vitae in Australia.

Include a career objective on the Australian resume

The career objective is an opening statement on your resume that is expected in Australia. It defines your ambition within the sector or job position for which you are applying. It is important that your career objective be clear, concise, and tailored to the job role. The more specific your resume objective, the better chance you have of being considered for the job.

If you put time and effort into writing a good  career objective, then you can grab the attention of the reader and set the tone for the rest of the resume.

How to write an effective career objectives

  • Identify yourself – let the reader know if you are an economics student, a geography graduate etc.
  • Clarify the role you are applying for – an accountancy summer vacation scheme, a dentistry training course etc.
  • Highlight relevant the skills you will utilise during the job – marketing, journalism, translation etc.
  • Emphasise how your skills will help the company – to improve national awareness of an issue etc.

Example of a career objective

  • “History graduate seeking to secure a position as the War Magazine Promotion Coordinator in order to utilise skills in marketing to strengthen community awareness of modern day warfare.”

Describe your previous employers on the Australian resume

In Australia you are expected to describe your previous employers after listing their name in the work experience section. This helps prospective Australian employers to determine the importance of this experience and its relevance to the position they are offering.

List of key strengths or skills

On an Australian resume, a list of your key strengths or skills is usually expected.

Whilst in other countries you may put your skills after education and work experience, in Australia you should include a list of skills near the beginning of your resume (after the career objective) that are tailored to the job position to which you are applying.

Free Australian resume template

Download the Australian resume template by clicking on the button below.

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