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How to write a Spanish cover letter

How to write a Spanish cover letter 30 January, 2014Leave a comment

The main objective of the cover letter is not to repeat the information contained on your CV, but rather to sell yourself to a prospective employer in a personal way. You also need to demonstrate how your skills and experiences are relevant to the available job position on your cover letter. Whether or not you are called back for a job interview depends largely on how good or bad your cover letter is.

If you have already supplied the employer with all your previous training and experience on your CV, then your cover letter should focus on the reasons why you have applied for the particular job. Being original when it comes to writing your cover letter is very important because the reader will have lots of other applications to read.

The cover letter should be no longer than one A4 page. Don’t forget to sign your cover letter and include the date and address.

Structure of the Spanish cover letter

To write a good cover letter for the Spanish job search, you should use the following structure:

  • Personal information: You should start with personal details – full name, phone number, address, email). Include this section at the beginning of your cover letter.
  • Opening: The cover letter should be addressed directly to the recipient if you know their identity. Try to find out the person in charge of the selection process. Alternatively address the letter to the Human Resources department or just put ‘Dear Sir or Madam’.
  • Candidate introduction: In this part of the Spanish cover letter you are going to sell yourself to the employer. Explain the aim of your cover letter: the reasons why you are interested in the job role, the sector and the specific company. Research the job description and the organisation as much as possible before writing the cover letter. Also, write down whether you are responding to a specific advert or it is a speculative cover letter.
  • Body: This is the most extensive part of the cover letter in which you highlight your skills relevant the job position being offered. Make whoever’s reading the cover letter want you to work in their company. Elaborate on the achievements, skills and experience detailed on your CV that you will be able to apply to the job role. Remember not to include all the information on your CV but do allude to it. Make sure to differentiate yourself from other candidates.
  • Ending: To end your Spanish cover letter the best thing to do is to notify the employer of your availability and sign off politely.

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