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Advice for the German Cover Letter

Advice for the German Cover Letter 11 December, 2013Leave a comment

The role of the German Cover Letter is quite subtile. It accompanies the German CV and contains detailed information about the specific skills you have, your work experience, your motivation to gain employment, and the reasons why you are the ideal candidate for the job.

Advice for Writing a German Cover Letter “Das Anschreiben” in Bullet Points

  • Use the cover letter to support the CV and vice versa. Explain the motivation behind the jobs and studies you did.
  • Highlight your personal Qualities!
  • Tailor the German Cover Letter for each application!
  • Find the responsable for HR in the company and name him in the greeting section!
  • Do research about the company you are applying at and use this information!
  • Explain your motivation for this job and concentrate on the strenght and qualities you can bring in! But: Don’t exaggerate!
  • Draw the connection between you and the business, find things that are in common and adopt your profile to the company’s!
  • Use DIN 5008 Norm and standart text arts!
  • Adopt the formatting styles of German CV and German Cover Letter!
  • Stick to the strict structure of the German Cover Letter!

Good Luck 😉

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