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The German Cover Letter | Das Anschreiben

The German Cover Letter | Das Anschreiben 10 December, 2013Leave a comment

When looking to work in Germany the German cover letter is one of the most important documents to write. The cover letter is important to be called back for an job interview and maintain the chance to gain a job in Germany.

Cover Letter | Accompaning the German CV

The role of the German Cover Letter is quite subtile. It accompanies the German CV and contains detailed information about the specific skills you have, your work experience, your motivation to gain employment, and the reasons why you are the ideal candidate for the job.

The relationship between cover letter and CV is very important and you must use one to support the other. The cover letter is really an opportunity to give a personal introduction to the essential information contained on the curriculum vitae. It should provide the Human Ressource manager with a more personal facet by highlighting your personal qualities.

Interaction with the HR Manager | Don’t sample!

It is addressed exactly to the recipient and allows direct interaction. The German Cover Letter should be tailored for each application.  With the use of a well written Cover Letter the applicant aims to distiguish from the wide mass of competitors. Please do not use one cover letter for all your applications!  

The better your cover letter and the more you have tailored it to the specific organisation and job position, the better your chances are for being called back to a job interview. The content depends on the type of application you are sending.

The Structure of the German Cover Letter

To be able to write the perfect cover letter, you should first take into account the structure and the format. Therefore you must be aware of the different sections of a cover letter layout.

In the German Cover Letter the structure is quite strict. In the salutatory address the concerning person should be greeted. Set phrases as “To whom it may concern” are not appropiate for an application in Germany. Find out who is responsable for HR in this business!

In the first paragraph you should refer to the job you are applying for. In the second and third paragraph your strength and your motivation are highlighted. Explain the HR professional why you are the perfect candidate.In the last section mention that the  CV and your certificates (important!) are enclosed/attached and greet formally but naturally.

Use DIN 5008 Norm and follow Jobler’s giudeline in “How to write a German Cover Letter”  in Germany.

How to Write the German Cover Letter

Once you are clear about the structure the content is most important. What do German professionals like to read? As applicant you should prove good knowledge about the company, but without too much praising it.

They rather want to be convinced why you are the right one for this position. They expect you to draw a connection between you and the company you are applying at. Explain why you are interested in the post and what qualities you can bring in. So answer following questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What am I capable of doing?
  • Why would I want to do this at this particular company?

Find the important advice for writing the German Cover Letter in bullet points.

Sample German Cover Letter

Find a free sample of a Cover Letter in German to downlaod. You can either choose between a traditional Cover Letter and the speculative Cover Letter in German.

Good luck 😉

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