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Accommodation in Spain

Accommodation in Spain 24 September, 20131 Comment

Accommodation in Spain

Once you have a job in Spain, you need to start thinking about accommodation. Below is some advice about finding somewhere to live.

The risk-free and least stressful way to find accommodation in Spain is to go online and utilize one of the many trustworthy websites out there offering decent accommodation. Below is a list of some great websites where you can find accommodation in Spain.

The problem with using these websites is that you do not actually get to see the place you are going to live with your own eyes; only through photos online. Many people therefore choose to stay in a hostel during the first week or two after arriving in Spain, and then go flat-hunting. Both methods work, but I would strongly recommend the former. Staying in a hostel with no clear idea of where or with whom you are going to live is risky and stressful. Use one of the websites listed above and it will make your life a whole lot easier!

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