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Working in the United States

Working in the United States 9 January, 2014Leave a comment

One of the most popular countries when it comes to working abroad is the United States. Having said this, you cannot just arrive there and start a new job. Moving to the United States for work is not easy as a foreigner.

Job opportunities do exist for foreigners. In fact, if you are highly qualified, there is a wealth of opportunities in the US. However, due to the strict immigration laws of the country, the procedure to obtain a visa to allow you to work in the USA legally is lengthy and costly.

To get a job in the United States you must comply with two key conditions: have a work visa or permanent residency (green card) that allows you to work legally and adequately demonstrate that you are a suitable candidate for the US labour market.

Working in the United States is very interesting from a professional, economic and personal point of view. It is arguably the most powerful nation in the world and contains a great cultural diversity that makes for a fascinating nation. You should not be put off by the barriers that stand in the way of working in the US. So, if you are still interested, the first thing you should do is consult the advice below about working in the United States.