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Canada is one of the world’s top immigration destinations.┬áIt is important to understand the rules of Canadian citizenship and immigration if you are searching for work there. It is not as simple as arriving in Canada and starting a new job. You must have the right to live and work there legally.

There are various ways of acquiring the legal right to work in Canada. The first option is to become a Canadian citizen. You may be eligible to do this if you have a Canadian-citizen relative, have resided in Canada for over three years and can speak one of the two official languages fluently (English and French). You must also be 18 years old to apply. The next option is to acquire a permanent resident card. This again depends on a number of factors that you can consult on the designated links below. The last way to gain legal entry to work in Canada as a non-Canadian citizen is to acquire a temporary work permit.

There are several requirements that you must comply with in order to apply for any one of these three ways to legally work in Canada. These requirements vary depending on the type of worker that you are.

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