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Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteering opportunities

There are plenty of volunteering job opportunities available thanks to the rise of the internet. However, you need to be aware of the different categories that these opportunities fall into. Below is a list of the various volunteering opportunities you can get involved with. Once you know which type of volunteer work you would prefer to do, then you can move forward with your volunteer job search with more specific limits and a clearer direction.

Types of Volunteer Work

Volunteer with Children

A popular type of volunteer work is to work with disadvantaged children. Children are completely innocent of what’s happening around them and helping them to escape a bad situation – be it poverty, famine, illness or abuse – is a fantastic way to contribute to society.

Volunteer with Animals

Animals are another group that you can volunteer with. They may be neglected or abused by their owners. They could be hunted unjustly in the wild or they could be an endangered species. Whatever the situation, animals are innocent victims and offering aid to them is a good way to volunteer.

Volunteer with a Charity

Charity work is a brilliant way to be a volunteer. You can gain work experience, transferable skills and have one of the most rewarding jobs in the world.

Read our section on charity jobs to find out more information about this particular area of volunteering.

Volunteer Building Projects

There are numerous building projects for which you can volunteer. These are particularly popular in third world countries. It is common to travel to the disadvantaged country for a specific period of time and help in building a family house or a village school. Helping in the creation of a home to live in or in the stability of a child’s education is one of the most permanent and beneficial ways to volunteer.

Volunteer Hospital

Volunteering at a hospital is another option. It is most common when a natural disaster or a war has taken place somewhere. People want to give aid to those suffering from the consequences of the horrific event. A popular option if you  want to volunteer to provide this type of aid is to volunteer for the red cross. One must take into account that this particular type of volunteer work can be very distressing.

Volunteer in a Soup Kitchen

Volunteering in a soup kitchen is a fantastic way to provide volunteering services with no experience required. There are many soup kitchens throughout the world that offer free food to homeless or disadvantaged groups.

Volunteer at Christmas

At Christmas time people feel more generous and giving. The so-called ‘Christmas spirit‘ means that lots of people wish to volunteer at Christmas and help those less fortunate than themselves. There are many voluntary activities you can get involved with over the Christmas period. Working at a soup kitchen, as mentioned above, is very popular around this time of year. Spare a thought for those without loving families to go to this Christmas and try to help out in any way you can.

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