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The work visa is the most important part of the US immigration system. Finding work in the United States is difficult enough as a US citizen. However, if you are not American and don’t have a visa that allows you to work legally, then it can be even more difficult. It is imperative to understand all the details of obtaining a US visa and the different types depending on your professional status and the job role you wish to fulfil.

Visa to work in the United States

Why is the US Visa so important?

You must understand that without a work visa it is not possible to work legally in the USA. The immigration laws are very strict with respect to foreign workers. Moreover, there is an annual quota of immigrants allowed into the US.

All the legal information about visas to work in the USA is available on the internet. You can consult the US Embassy, the Department of State and the US Citizenship and Immigration Services websites to find out more.

There are two ways in which you can work legally in the USA: with a work visa or, if you have been granted permanent residence, by obtaining a Green Card.

How to obtain a Visa for the United States

There are various types of visas that allow people to live and work legally on american soil for a determined period of time. The different types of visas range from students to highly qualified workers. The characteristics and requirements for obtaining a visa are subject to changes at any time.

The visa identification system is composed of a letter, a number and a name. The visa application process is long and the application data checks are frequent.

If you would like to find any more information about general documentation that is necessary for working abroad, then consult our designated sections.

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