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Writing a CV in Another Language

Writing a CV in another language

Writing a CV in another language can be a daunting prospect. To help you successfully overcome this challenge, there are several tips that you should take into account. The first bit of advice is to be prepared before attempting to write the curriculum vitae in a different language to your native tongue. In order to be prepared you should read this page and you will be writing a fluent foreign-language CV in no time!

Do Not Use a Translating Service

A common mistake people make is to write their Curriculum Vitae in their native language and directly translate it to another language using Google Translate or something similar. Do not do this. Translate it as best you can using any foreign language skills you have learnt previously, and if you need help then get a work colleague or friend with knowledge of the specific foreign language to help you with the rest.

Do Not Overuse the Foreign Language

People sometimes try to show off by overusing their foreign language skills. Whilst this is good to show your language proficiency to a potential employer, it is not necessary. The same rule applies to a CV in another language that applies to a CV in your native tongue – keep it concise, clear and simple. In order to do this, you cannot afford to ramble on and try to include as many complex sentence structures as possible.

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