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Study in the United States 17 January, 2014Leave a comment

In this section you will find information about studying in the USA; the necessary requirements to obtain a study visa and the specific types of study visa.

Many people choose to study in the United States at a university or a language school or one of several other study channels. However, before setting foot in a classroom, you must acquire a visa that will allow you to live and study in America legally for more than three months.

To get a visa to study in the United States the first thing you need is to be accepted onto an official study program by a university or other academic institution. You should be aware that if you are granted a student visa you will not be able to work in the USA legally since your visa does not authorize this right.

Requirements for obtaining a study visa in the United States

Before receiving the visa that allows you to live and study in America legally, the US authorities require candidates to comply with a series of requirements.

  • Be signed up to a full-time, officially taught program of study, language course or vocational training program at a university or other academic institution. You must have been granted admission to the course of study; just having applied is not enough.
  • The institution of study must be approved by the immigration authorities. You can check if the centre is accredited on the Study in the States web page.
  • Have a good level of English or sign up to a language course.
  • Have sufficient economic resources to support yourself during the period of stay in the United States.
  • Maintain residence outside the United States and to not have the intention of abandoning it.

Types of visas to study in the United States

Once the university or academic institution has accepted you, you will have to pay a corresponding fee for the visa process. The visa price varies depending on the type of study that you do:

  • F Visas: To enter the United States to attend university, high school, primary or secondary school or a language training program.
  • M Visas: Vocational or other recognized nonacademic institution, other than a language training program. For example, a voluntary program.
  • J Visas: Exchange programs. For example, internship, au-pair, government visitor…etc.

Found out more on the different types of study visas on the US visas website.

Once you’ve paid the fee and presented all the necessary documents to the United States embassy in the country from which your visa is being processed, you should have no problems receiving the study visa.

The cost of studying in the United States

Once you have acquired a visa for studying in the United States, you should think about the overall costs of studying. On top of the visa procedure costs, you have to pay for college admission tests, college enrollment, accommodation, study materials and living expenses. To read a comprehensive analysis of US study costs consult our designated page: the cost of studying in the United States.

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