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Simple chronological CV for the UK

Simple chronological CV for the UK 11 December, 2013Leave a comment

Below you can download a template of the simple chronological CV, which is very common in the UK. It begins with personal information such as your email address and date of birth, then continues with your educational history, followed by the work experience section. Below these areas are your skills and interests, and other notable achievements.

Through this CV, you can quickly show a potential employer your depth and range of work experience, as well as academic highlights. Therefore it is time saving for employers looking for a particular level of experience or specific academic grades. In the competitive UK job market, time is always of the essence. Moreover, a decent professional and educational level is usually required by companies in the UK who regard official statistics like these over any skills or personal interests that you may have.

Also notice how space has not been taken up by a photograph, introductory sentence, or references. There just appears the line at the bottom stating that references are available upon request. It is a simple CV that fits on to one page.

DOWNLOAD: Simple Chronological CV

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