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German CV Template | Lebenslauf

German CV Template | Lebenslauf 3 January, 2014Leave a comment

If you are looking for a job in Germany the German CV is one of the most important documents. The CV and a well-written German Cover Letter are key factors for being called back for a job interview. In this section you can find free samples and templates of CVs in German languange, that will help you in creating your own German CV. It is much easier to write a CV, if you have a sample at hand.

There are mainly three differents kinds of German CVs. There is the functional CV, the chronological CV and the combined CV.

Templates of German CVs | Der Lebenslauf

For downloading one of the sample  CVs in German you just clic the link below.

Chronological CV template in German

The chronological CV, also called reverse chronological CV or “American CV ” is very commonly used by Germans. The most recent and therefore the most relevant post is named on top of the CV. Especially people with a lot of  professional experience tend to opt for this kind of CV. Young professionals can choose to write a chronological CV if they want to highlight their most recent activity. As mentioned above; the first section of the CV is usually about the professional experience, but the structure can be adapted individually if for example the academic education is considered more important.


Chronological German CV sample

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Chronological German CV

Functional CV template in German

The functional CV highlights the personal skills. They are structured according to expert knowledge (Fachwissen), role (Funktion) and area of resposability (Verantwortungsbereich). The temporal aspect is less important. Key factor in the functional CV is the professional experience that shaped you especially. Always keep in mind what kind of experience might be relevant in your possible future job. In other words the functional CV has to be authored and matched for each application individually. This kind of CV is not that commonly used since HR professionals are more used to the chronological CV. Since the functional CV is sometimes used in order to hide temporal gaps such as time of unemployment, they could suspect you to have such gaps in your professional career.


Functional German CV sample

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Functional German CV

Combined CV template in German

The combined CV is something in between the functional and the chronological CV. At first the abilities are described in an impressive text and later the different professional activities are listed in reverse chronological order. A combined CV could be very convincing if it is well written since both abilities and activities are highlighted.


Combined German CV sample

Combined German CV sample 2

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Combined German CV

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