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Find work in the UK 16 December, 2013Leave a comment

The job search worries many people. These concerns have been compounded recently with the surge in unemployment throughout Europe as a result of the economic crisis. As a consequence, many people opt to look for work abroad. The UK, particularly London, is a popular destination for migrants looking for work. However, moving to Britain to find a job is not always successful and it is necessary to bear in mind some key tips in order to have a fruitful job search in the United Kingdom.

The rate of unemployment in the UK is decreasing progressively. To search for work it is advisable to utilise all the available resources (acquaintances, newspapers, employment agencies, the internet), as well as the website EURES (The European Job Mobility Portal).

Where to find a job in the UK


EURES is an extensive employment network for workers in EU countries. It provides useful information and advice about job offers, as well as about living conditions in each country. The tips on EURES can be very useful when it comes to making your decision to work abroad.

There are many places to search for work in the UK. EURES is just one. Read the following list of links that we consider to be most beneficial for finding a job in Britain.

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