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How to Dress for a UK Job Interview

How to Dress for a UK Job Interview 25 November, 2013Leave a comment

The clothes that you choose to turn up in for a job interview are just as important as preparing correctly. In the UK, job interviews call for a smart dress-code to suit the seriousness of the recruitment process.

There are no specific rules for the way you dress, since each person has their own style and should come dressed in clothes that reflect their personality. It is important to dress naturally and maintain your personality.

Having said this, you should always bear in mind that you are in an important UK job interview. The professional atmosphere calls for smart clothing. Thus it is advisable to dress smartly and appropriately. Remember the advice on our general page about what to wear for a job interview: it is always better to overdress than to underdress.

In the UK, most job interviews are serious and should be undertaken by all participants in a professional, courteous manner. No matter how serious or relaxed the interview in the UK is, you should never wear shorts, flip flops, sun glasses or t-shirts. Wear neutral colours and make sure your clothes are clean. You want to be drawing attention to yourself through what you say, rather than what you are wearing.

List of UK job interview dress-code tips

  • Wear neutral colours so as not to draw unnecessary attention to yourself.
  • It is better to wear a shirt than a t-shirt, especially if the t-shirt has images or writing on.
  • Never wear any of the following: flip flops, sun glasses, caps, sports clothing or bright colours.
  • You can wear jeans if the job interview is for a relaxed position, but even so it is always better to wear suit trousers.
  • Do not wear too many accessories.

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