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CV Keywords in the UK

CV Keywords in the UK 14 November, 20131 Comment

Below is an alphabetical list of keywords to be used on a CV written for a job in the UK. Keywords can help you express perfectly how you would like to present yourself to a potential employer and the exact skill-set that you have. Furthermore, the right keywords can show an employer what type of candidate you are with one quick glance at the information you have written. Therefore it is necessary to take the list below into account when writing your CV.

List of Keywords for your CV

A: achieved, accomplished, analysed, assessed, assisted, advised, acquired, aided.

B: bring, built, balanced.

C: combined, challenged, communicated, contributed.

D: developed, discovered, designed, determined, demonstrated, directed.

E: exercised, earned, engaged, employed, evaluated, eliminated, experienced, explained.

F: facilitated, focused, financed, formed, functioned.

G: guided, garnered, granted, generated.

H: hired, handled, headed.

I: improved, identified, inspired, interview, implemented, incurred, innovated, invented, informed.

J: judged, jolly.

K: kind.

L: launched, led.

M: mastered, managed, measured, moderated, motivated, maximised.

N: negotiated.

O: operated, observed, oversaw, organised, orientated.

P: participated, proposed, pursued, persuaded, processed, promoted, planned, performed, pioneered, passed, prioritized, provided, presented, placed, permitted.

Q: qualified.

R: received, rewarded, responded, reinforced, recruited, recovered, raised, reached.

S: saved, secured, stabilized, separated, sent, selected, shaped, showed, simplified, steered, stimulated, strategized, supported, supplied, supervised.

T: trained, transformed, tested, tailored, targeted.

U: utilized, uncovered, united, updated, undertook.

V: verified, valued.

W: witnessed, worked, weighed up, wrote, worked.

There are many keywords above but you should only be using a few keywords on your CV. If you overuse them on your curriculum vitae, then you will be wasting valuable space in which essential information should be.

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