Curriculum Vitae

Canadian Resume

The resume in Canada is an essential part of the job application process. It is a document wherein a candidate can clearly present all their skills and experience to a potential employer, as well as contact information. Moreover, in Canada, a professional or career objective is expected at the start of your resume. This is basically an opening statement in which you state the reasons for your application to this particular job position and company; you can read more on this in the dedicated section below.

Creating a good resume, known as a CV in some countries, is one of the most important steps to securing employment in Canada. Employers receive many applications, so by writing a clear and concise resume you will increase your chances of finding a job. Usually, you send your resume alongside the cover letter. Although both documents are essential, the resume contains the most important information and you should spend a lot of time perfecting it; make sure you include all skills and experience necessary for the particular job application to which you are applying. Additionally, remember to constantly update your resume when you gain new experiences or new employment. Through this, you will build an interesting, informative curriculum vitae over time.

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