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The best job sites for work abroad

The best job sites for work abroad 27 November, 2013Leave a comment

The high level of unemployment throughout Europe in recent years has increased labour mobility as jobseekers move to other countries in search of work. If you’re thinking about working abroad, it is a good idea to know where to start your job search. Below is a list of some of the best websites to find employment, information and courses abroad.

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The 5 best work abroad job sites

1. Eures. The European Job Mobility Portal. The official website of the European Union offers all the necessary information about vacant job positions, companies looking for employers, information about internships, courses or learning techniques in EU countries.

2. iAgora. This is a website with jobs for recent graduates throughout Europe and other countries in the world. Specifically, it helps students to put their CV on a global platform: to spread their desires to work abroad and learn languages. Moreover, iAgora brings international students to Universities, recruits multilingual young adults to companies that need them and helps language schools to find foreign language students.

3. JAB. The Jobs Abroad Bulletin is a useful UK site for finding work abroad. They have a list of featured jobs which is constantly updated and contains offers of employment from countries all around the world.

4. Working Abroad. One of the internet’s most comprehensive volunteer information databases with offers for volunteering jobs in countries all over the world.

5. Anywork Anywhere. This is another free service for the job search abroad that is updated daily. It offers jobs in any sector and any place in the world without needing to register yourself or create an account. It also has a section dedicated to volunteering.