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Australia Work and Travel: temporary jobs

Australia Work and Travel: temporary jobs 13 February, 2014Leave a comment

If you want to work and travel in Australia, you should get yourself a Working Holiday Visa. Once you’ve done that, you should plan the route you are going to travel. You should also think about getting a temporary job to support yourself financially whilst travelling in Australia.

Get a temporary job whilst in Australia

A temporary job will not just boost your travel funds during your time in Australia, but will also give you the opportunity to taste the Australian job market and gain a different cultural perspective on the country.

There are a lot of job opportunities down under. Australia boasts one of the strongest economies in the world. It may be easier than you think to get a job, provided you create a decent Australian job application. Furthermore, wages are high in comparison to most countries, which will be useful to support your expenses whilst travelling through the vast nation of Australia.

What type of temporary jobs can I do?

Below is a list of some typical temporary jobs that you can undertake in Australia:

  • Bar work
  • Teacher
  • Au-pair
  • Surf Instructor

Overall, it is well worth working temporarily in Australia to make the most out of your time there. As a result you will gain a unique perspective on how the country’s job market operates. You will also be able to travel further with boosted funds and have a fantastic time down under!

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