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Advice for the US job search

Advice for the US job search 16 January, 2014Leave a comment

To carry out the job search in the United States successfully you must understand that it takes a lot of preparation. To secure employment in the US as a foreigner, you must be willing to put in the effort.

If you are sure that you want to work in the United States, take note of the following advice that will help you undertake an effective job search.

US job search tips

Choose a job sector and start your search

To search for work in the United States you must be selective. Choose a particular job sector to make your job search easier and more fruitful.  The US labour market is result-oriented. Therefore if you focus on one particular field, you can tailor your application and previous experiences to one area.

To choose a specific sector, think about your professional objectives: what you want from your career in terms of professional targets and what a company can offer you. Answering these questions will help your job search in the United States. Knowing your response to these questions will also help you for the steps that we are going to discuss below.

Adapt your resume/CV and cover letter to each job offer

The CV and the cover letter are two fundamental pillars of the job search, no matter what country you want to work in. However, the first thing you must do for the US job search is forget the word ‘CV’, since the curriculum vitae in America is called the ‘Resume‘.

It is important to adapt your resume and cover letter to each job offer. Generally, US companies give very specific job descriptions and it is advisable to read the job descriptions carefully. Then, rewrite your resume and cover letter to comply with the requirements of the job offer.

Consult our free US resume and cover letter templates to help you with this section of the job application.

Prepare for the job interview

The selection process in the United States is usually structured as two rounds of interviews: first, a telephone interview and then a personal interview. Depending on the job position, you may have to complete a psychometric, numerical, aptitude or knowledge-based test.

Remember that in the job interview you should not just repeat the information from your resume to the interviewer. The point of the first interview is to get to know you as a person, and the second focuses on more technical questions.

Consult our general section on the job interview to find out how to prepare well for this process.

Send a letter or email of thanks after the interview

Although it may sound a little strange, in the United States it is customary to send a thank you letter to a company after having undertaken a personal interview.

The best thing to do is to send the letter within 24 hours of your job interview. To do so, it is advisable to prepare this thank you letter before the interview itself.

You can send your message of gratitude via email or as a handwritten letter. The message should demonstrate your interest in the job position and why you want to work for the particular company. Also state that you remain at the disposition of the company if they require any more information. Always finish the letter by expressing your gratitude again for the interview and reminding your interviewer that you hope to hear from him or her soon.

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