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Advice to participate in the US green card lottery

Advice to participate in the US green card lottery 19 December, 2013Leave a comment

The principal reason to apply for a green card is to emigrate to the United States in order to live and work legally. Participating in the green card lottery is a big decision because it shows your desire to move to the United States permanently and will be registered on the Department of State database.

Below you will find a range of advice that will help you when it comes to applying for the green card lottery.

Participation in the green card lottery is free

Although there are some agencies that can help you with your application in exchange for a fee, the application for the green card lottery is completely free and completed online. The United States government don’t charge any fee for applicants. In other words, applying to participate in the green card lottery is totally free. Therefore, if the agency through which you are applying to the green card lottery tries to charge you, apply elsewhere.

Once you have been selected, you will have to pay for the visa application, as well as other official documents that are required.

Read the instructions carefully and check all the information you input

Before starting to fill out your green card application, carefully read all the sections of the instructions manual and check that you have all the necessary data and information to hand.

If you make an error filling out the information on your application or your photograph doesn’t comply with the necessary requirements, you will seriously jeopardise your chances of participating in the Diversity Visa Program.

You can only apply once to get a green card

The green card lottery only accepts one application per person. Writing several applications for one person is an unnecessary risk. Especially because the Department of State check to see if there are any duplicates in the system. If there are any duplicates registered, this person is disqualified from the lottery.

Do not lie on your green card application

The first step to getting a green card is having your number selected from the lottery. However, if you are selected, the verification process of all your information then begins, including personal interviews in the United States Embassy or consulate of the country in which you live. You will have to pass one or several interviews in which you will be asked about your application and yourself. Therefore, if there are any lies, no matter how small, you will ruin your chance of getting a green card; despite the fact that you’ve had so much luck in the lottery!